As Mark Taylor prophesied, Revival in America

th?id=OIP.RhsL6Hj7rzip6-Hsi6q7fAEsDI&pid=15.1&P=0&w=300&h=300 Appointed and anointed by God! As Mark Taylor prophesied, Trump is bringing revival to America.


Yes, Trump is not perfect, not spotless, only One being is spotless! No mere human living in this divided world is sinless. But, God can and does use faulty people for His own purposes to accomplish His will. He can even use you, imperfect as you are, to do great, Godly deeds.

We are called to be holy, and as we intend to do God’s will, even stumbling on the way, we are on the right path.

https://globalrumblings. taylor-prophesied-revival-in. html


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