Regardless of what you have been taught, THIS is NOT an Original Ghost Dance. It is traditionally called The Spirit Dance, but is nicknamed "The Ghost Dance."


There are a lot of "IFS" involved here. IF White People had simply practiced their religion, the photographofthe massacre at Wounded Knee at the bottom of this message would not exist. IF Red People had simply followed The Original Set of Instructions on how to conduct The Original Ghost Dance, the Massacre at Wounded Knee never would have happened. IF Red People had disobeyed the Elders who were taught the correct dance, and had never prayed for the death of White Peopl,e and frightened a certain Indian Agent, the 7th Cavalry would never have been alerted and over 300 people would never have died.

For the past 126 years, the Massacre at Wounded Knee has driven a wedge between two peoples… between White newcomers to a Land of Promise that needed a spiritual connection to the Earth and to Creator after 100 generations of slavery, and Red People who had been ordained by God to assist White People in their quest to achieve the Freedom and Liberty they were seeking.

Things may not have worked out exactly as planned by Creator BUT it is NEVER too late for human beings to make course corrections. All human beings have to do is go back to the Original Set of Instructions, and do it right this time. A principal of most all of Earth’s great religions is that GOOD DEEDS CANCEL OUT BAD DEEDS. We CAN redeem ourselves, and going forward, influence our chidren’s children perspective of the Massacre at Wounded Knee.

IF we do this right, our grandchildren will know that the The Massacre at Wounded Knee was a sacrifice of human life that pricked our consciousness and made us take stock, and make course corrections.

Blueotter has been asked to officiate to the first "Original" Ghost Dance since 1890. The Dance was originally called The Dance of Friendship and Welcome… identical in every respect to the dance that Wovoka, Short Bull and Porcupine swore was delivered to them by The Messiah at Walker Lake Indian Reservation in western Nevada.

The Honoring the Ancestors of Ancient America Conference will be held in Nauvoo, Illinois August 11-13, followed by an Elders Conference through the following weekend.


This event is sponsored by the the River Sidon Peace with Justice Project and the Grandmothers Circle the Earth Foundation, an offshoot of The 13 Grandmothers Council.

ONCE I GET THERE all my food and lodging needs will be met BUT I DO HAVE TO GET THERE ON MY OWN NICKLE.

I WILL need your help getting there, and AT LEAST $500.00 is needed to first repair my vehicle before I leave, and to provide for gasoline and meals both going to, and returning from, the conference.

I have just finished writing a FREE E-BOOK… free for you to download discussing all the details of this mission:

IN SEARCH OF THE PALE ONE: The White Bearded God Who Visited The Cherokee, The Aztec, the Maya and Countless Other Indian Nations… Who Said He Would Be Returning Someday

You may download it right away at

Please enjoy the book and PLEASE HELP ME GET THERE AND GET BACK by making a tax-exempt freewill offering at

YOUR HELP IS VITALLY NEEDED BECAUSE this dance won’t be happening without me. The organizers feel no one else is qualified for this job.


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