PROPHECYKEEPERS: Christmas Anxiety Healed




Just a note to share some very happy news… my wife Linda has successfully found a way to stop using Xanax for anxiety… AND she did it HERBALLY… mainly with Blue Vervain and GKS (Ginko-Kava-St John’s Wort) and Scullcap Tinctures from Warners Herbs here in Crossville. I highly suggest that you check out their website. She is also using their "SLP" formula to help induce better sleep. Their "P" formula has (so far) helped her avoid opioid pain killers, which she took when her Fibromyalgia just got too painful.

This information is our Holiday present to our listeners! Anyone can make these tinctures at home, but Warners is a good place to access and try different formulas to learn what works for you before you produce your own at home, perfectly legally and inexpensively.

FYI, Cannabis, Curcumine and Skullcap are known to Catholic Sisters as the "Holy Trinity of Pain Relief."

Linda was sexually abused from ages 5 to 11 my a family member, and has been dependent on several prescription drugs with nasty side effects.

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See you next year!




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