Don’t worry… as Mark Twain once wrote "…the report of my death was an exaggeration."

Actually, I am a little over three-quarters dead (LOL!)

The rumors of my eventual death (which I just started, "oh woe is me, etc. etc" ) are indeed vastly exaggerated… but after all, one never knows, and it pays to get one’s life in order at my age. Anybody who has any smarts does not wanna be here, but as my old friend from "Up With People!", Paul Colwell, once wrote is a song "We gotta do the best we can… with what we got!"


Friends, I was just culturally a "white boy" (who knew he had Cherokee ancestry at age 16) until 1986 when John "Rolling Thunder" Pope shocked me out of my senselessness right after my son was born.

Now, as I pass 61 and become an elder who weighs 425 pounds, and whose days are certainly numbered, due to a head injury in 1973 that injured my brain stem and saddled me with Central Sleep Apnea, and endless fatigue, which went untreated for over 10 years before the invention of the C-PAP machine. Even though I sought out blue collar jobs to keep me walking all day, Principal Chief Charles L Rogers MD Oncologist explained to me that as a result, for many years, my body sought out quick energy (fatty) foods, and I slowly ballooned to over 400 pounds 10 years ago.

I am currently in reasonably good health, but my high blood pressure is being treated, and my arteries are slowly hardening.

There may be some hope for my continued longevity, thanks to ONAC Los Angeles CEO Christopher (Robin) Hulliger, who saved himself from Pancreatic Cancer and is reversing all kinds of disease using CDB oil. Chris is the famed Dr. William Courtney’s father-in-law. He is trying to arrange passage and other expenses for my wife Linda and I next winter/spring to travel to California next year… if funds can be raised. Chris is scheduled to join us here at our home here in Tennessee after Christmas, and we will produce some live broadcasts with several of his close medicine friends… and perhaps even TOMMY CHONG who Chris is co-producing a movie about Medicinal Marijuana with. He recently won a juried Venice Film Festival Award Winning "Short" announcing the new film.

Doc-Patient and the Law
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I have been thinking more and more about my eventual "walk west" and am publishing a "Prophecykeepers Last Will and Testament" of sorts here, outlining some ideas for passing the torch forward. Prophecykeepers is definitely Mad Bear Anderson’s "baby" and had its inception-of-sorts when he visited me in a dream in 1984 and pointed me towards my Cherokee ancestry.

I never thought of myself as anything more than a placeholder, and promised Prophecykeepers founding elder John Red Hat Duke in 2004 that I would pass spiritual leadership to a contemporary of Mad Bear Anderson if I ever found one. We found one in in Mike Bastine, who was Mad Bear Anderson’s "shit boy" (apprentice) who has been our guest several times. I certainly want March Borcherding to carry on… it would not be the same without him. Mack Boogaloo, I am sure, will want to be front and center behind the scenes… and maybe even on-the-air someday?

I do want to apologize to my family, especially my son Joseph Woody "Woods" Anderson, (a/k/a as his Facebook monaker Woodrick Von Anderslööt") who I certainly neglected in many ways in my Quixotic quest to reverse the global trend toward destruction since he was born–all for his benefit (in my mind) but to his detriment in many ways I am sure… hard to tell… he is a Scorpio and doesn’t "share" much of his feelings. My dream interpretations tell me that some unnamed person has issues with me that they are not sharing… perhaps irreconcilable differences. Dads do things to make their sons hate them, and they don’t usually understand until after Dad is dead. It seems to be "the way of it."

I dragged Woods and his late mother Joanne (born 1946 died 1995) and step-mom Betty (born 1942 died 2007) both of whom went along very willingly, from one disaster of poverty to another, as we discovered just how dishonest some bad-actor "Injuns" could be… (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND SO DOES CREATOR) all during a time when I had no personal income other than Social Security Survivors benefits after his mother’s death in 1995… until he turned 18 in 2003. His stepmother Betty had a 30% VA Disability benefit, and we three lived off of a total of $1,400 a month from 1995 to 2003. I drove Big Trucks over-the-road until 2005, when Betty and I were blessed to have a lucrative herbal internet affiliate business for a few year, which crashed in early 2008 due to illegal actions of a corrupt CEO. After that, I was homeless for 15 months from late 2008 until I received a small inheritance after my mother’s passing in December 2009, which kept me goin’ until Creator made another move. Those were hard times, and I "made friends" with my shotgun… if you know what I mean. Its illegal in his country to discuss suicide, so we wont go into that.

I have had NO personal income since Leap Day of 2008, and have somehow managed to keep Prophecykeepers running literally on a wing and a prayer, thanks to Linda, whom Creator matched me up with in a dream in 2009.. but I didn’t physically find her until May of 2010. Linda had been on Social Security Disability for 6 years before that. I had no personal income whatsoever for nearly seven years until last January, when my Social Security Widows benefit became available at age 60… a whopping $634 a month! So, in a way, I guess we have FDR to thank… but the Social Security Ponzi Sceme is coming to and end soon… maybe by 2030.

The Social Security Disability Trust Fund was just exhausted. Social Security is nothing but a "political promise" and is paid from week to week by payroll taxes. When Social Security was begun, 35 people supported one pensioner… that is now down to 2 or 3 wage earners supporting one pensioner. It is, in fact, a Ponzi scheme, albeit a "legal" one. People age 30 are now being advised NOT to depend on Social security for retirement.

Had I not done the above described "dance," I never would have met John Red Hat, and Prophecykeepers perhaps never would have been. Knowing that sons usually rebel against their fathers, I hope I didn’t ruin him for participating in his Generation Z destiny of reversing what my greed-driven "baby boomer" generation produced.

I always endeavored to be as "hands off" as possible with him regarding spirituality, knowing he would run the other way. I will say this… the ONE time he went into a sweat lodge, the guys pouring water came our white as a ghost after what they saw when Woods prayed! Woods got a "visitation" of two mysterious Indians back in about 2005, in suits and long braided black hair, who told his roommate that they got his address from his tribe in Alabama… which turned out to be bogus. NO ONE but him and myself knew his address at that time! They said they would visit him again someday. Woods just turned 30, and his life is yet in front of him! I do worry about him, but he has a good friend there. Thanks Jai… watch over him when I am gone!

He is doing well, lives in Seattle, and is a Journeyman LADS Union Carpenter.

lads1144 HISTORY The roots of Lathing Acoustical Drywall Systems Local 1144 run deep.
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