Inflation is being hidden – so no Cost of Living raise!

Feds can ‘justify’ no cost of living raise for fixed income and struggling social security recipients because of many false indicators from many different surreptitious sources.

And yet, they are pushing for raises in the minimum wage…which will further bring up prices and/or cause many businesses to fold.

Roy and I just returned from a week at our timeshare in Ormond Beach, Florida, and we were absolutely shocked seeing so many closed businesses, the empty shops in the malls all around. We hadn’t been there in a year.. so we could really see the difference from back then. Sad.

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How Grocery Inflation Is Being Covered Up

From Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog, Guest on Global Rumblings
As part of a redesign of its proprietary line of flavoring syrups (SodaStream), the bottles are now smaller.
How much smaller? The old version made 50 servings of flavored drink, and the new versions make only 29. Why 29? Why not 30? Such are the mysteries of the Grocery Shrink Ray.
In grand Shrink Ray tradition, the new bottles (right) are taller even though they’re smaller.
What you’ll notice, though, is that while the number of servings is down to 2/3 of the original amount, the bottle size isn’t that much smaller. That’s because the measuring cap is now bigger, and each serving uses more syrup. “The worst part is that they just diluted it with more water so the ‘new improved’ ones LOOK like they are the same size,”
~End Quote

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