PROPHECYKEEPERS: Updated Schedule thru January 1st


Friends of Prophecykeepers and Oklevueha Native American Church,

We have just expanded our schedule through the end of the year. Please check it out below.

Every month, the 28th, is the deadline for keeping our program running on Blogtalk Radio. You can help out at

If you missed our program last Sunday evening, there were some fireworks. Mark Borcherding was actually tell Dr. Carl Johan Calleman some things he may never have known otherwise! Mark continues to amaze me with the width and breadth of his knowledge and his connection with Creator. He is a truly gifted individual, and we are all very fortunate to have him as our friend. He is WAY smarter than me, that’s for sure.

Kudos once again to Mack Boogaloo of "ProphecykeeperZ" for being so diligent and keeping us supplied with excellent guests. Our program would doubtless have died without Mack’s intervention. He’s a go-getter and a hard charger, and he appeared on the scene just when we needed him. With all the health challenges my wife and I have had since last February, if I had been alone in this effort, I certainly would have thrown in the towel.

Friends, thanks SO much for helping the program so much over the years. More than anyone, folks like you know just how much it has grown in content… and in influence for good, over the years.

If you think you can help out again this month, ask Spirit if it is the right thing to do. You can help out by making a freewill offering at

Here are our upcoming programs for the next 4 weeks. Programs air live at 5PM Pacific, 6PM Mountain, 7PM Central, 8PM Eastern (USA Times).

Please don’t forget that this program needs your support to stay on the air. Please make a free will offering at

October 26th Dr. Carl Johan Calleman

November 1st Jose Federico Munoz and Friends

November 8th Johnathan L Buffalo of the Meshwaki (Sak & Fox) Cultural Center & Museum

November 15th Grandmother Van of All Nations Native American Church

More Projected Programs:

November 22nd: Wynn Free

November 29th: Wynn Free

December 6th: Stands with Bear & Starlight of

December 13th: Dr. Stanley Krippner

December 20th: Oshram (Cindy & Dennis Smith)

December 27th: Sara Gasparotto & Friends



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