Dear Friends,

Well, if you haven’t heard, things are really getting crazy… all kinds of prophecies of "bad tidings" are being fulfilled as I write this, in the wake of the "Blood Moon" Schmittah Year Tetrad.

Image result for TETRADThe 2014/2015 Lunar Tetrad… are now history.

Each Time a Tetrad Occurs, there are MAJOR shakeups on Planet Earth…


I know these things are hard to hear, and that is the real reason why Prophecykeepers has strugged since Day One… WE DON’T TELL PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR.

Example gratis, a construction crane collapsed not long ago, killing scores at Mecca,
9/11: Storm Strikes Mecca Mega Mosque, Over 100 Dead
storm mosque

…and just hours ago, 717+ people trampled to death during the annual Hajj at Mecca.
Saudi emergency personnel surround bodies of Hajj pilgrims at the site of a stampede Thursday, September 24, in Mecca, Islam's holiest city. Thursday morning's stampede killed hundreds during one of the last rituals of the<a href=""> Hajj, the annual Islamic pilgrimage</a>.

Epic Sandstorm of Biblical Proportions Strikes Israel
Israelis walk across the lightrail tracks on Jaffa road in Jerusalem on September 8, 2015, as a sand storm hit across Israel. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Islamic refuges are now invading Europe seemingly fulfilling Nostradamus’ prophecies. Homeland Security chatter (which I monitor as a FEMA Emergancy Services Volunteer) is convinced that dozens of terrorists are mixed in with the throngs.

Russia, which is mobilizing thousands of troops in Syria, is hooking up with terrorist Sunni Muslim Hezbollah to fight the so-called "Islamic State," which is fulfilling unspeakable prophecies from The Book of Revelations. I don’t know about you, but my "pucker factor" is going up!

It is gonna be a wild ride, and, "God-willing-and-the-creek-don’t-rise," Prophecykeepers Radio hopes to stick around and be a "watchman on the wall" for you all… if you will allow it.

You have our prayers and we need yours! Stress levels on my wife and myself are off the charts after another round of serious illness this month. We thank God things turned out well for my sweetheart and bride Linda Marie once again.

Friends, thanks for helping us stay on the air all these years! We always seem to squeak through, even in the months when we have to go "out of pocket" … which is really heartening… and perhaps shows we do have Creator’s blessing.

Special Need! We recently lost our main computer after an unbelievable 8 years of service, and our backup laptop is 4 years old and can FAIL AT ANY TIME. We always need listener support, so follow your heart. I just wish more than 1 out of 100 listeners would help out.

What with the Schmittah Year Harbinger prophecy, Blood Moons, and most financial crashes historically occurring around the Hebrew New Year in the early Fall, we seem to be entering very scary period, and we all need to keep praying for each other! You are not alone, and please don’t let fear get the best of you!


Apache Medicine Man.. Ernesto Alvarado, Ph D. aka Tano Quinquil is your guest this Sunday…. watch for the show announcement on Blueotter’s Facebook or Twitter.

09f303f.jpgDuffy Bledsoe

If you missed our last guest, Forrest "Duffy" Bledsoe spoke at length about the development of Hunab Ku Knowledge City in Belize. Duffy and I both graduated from Up With People! High School and as members of an International Travelling Cast, we traveled all over Europe and North America in 1971-1972… 70 cities in 48 weeks… well over 200 performances, including Carnegie Hall. As a matter of fact, I met a 13 year-old Martin Luther King III while working on his lighting crew in Atlanta in 1972.

Friends, we have not yet met our recurring 28th-of-the-month broadcast funding needs. It only costs $40.00 to keep us on Blog Talk Radio each month… but meeting all the other Internet related expenses is getting harder and harder as fixed incomes shrink and prices continue to rise sharply.

You may make tax-exempt free will offerings at…

Prophecykeepers Radio™ Truth About 2012-Niburu-Planet X- Daniel’s Timeline-Mayan-Native-Hopi-Nostradamus-Cayce-Fatima-Aztec-Kogi

Prophecykeepers Radio™ Truth About 2012-Niburu-Plan…
View on Preview by Yahoo

In case you missed him, we interviewed Wynn Free, a researcher and contactee of inter-dimensional intelligence. He believes has played a huge role in the evolution of mankind in both individual and collective ways. His first exposure to the idea of inter-dimensional intelligence occurred in his days as an agnostic physics major at UC-Berkeley where he discovered the work of Edgar Cayce and extensively studied the Cayce material.

Wynn Free

Some 30 years later, in 1999, he discovered the website of David Wilcock, and after a year of study of Wilcock’s story and channelings, he became convinced that Wilcock was the reincarnation of Cayce. He became the principal author, with Wilcock, of The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. After the book was released in 2004, Wilcock decided to change his public expression from that as a channeler to a researcher of ancient cultures, conspiracies, and ETs.

But the "Sources" had already developed a contingency plan to ensure their message would get out. In 2002, they initiated ongoing communications with Wynn. He found himself in the middle of a game-changing experience when his new girlfriend started channeling an intelligence that identified itself as the Council of Elohim, supposedly, the Creators of the physical universe. After a few years of intensive dialogues, and some miracles of healing, Wynn became predisposed to believe they were who they said they were and set himself the challenge of figuring out how to translate his experiences into something that could make a contribution to others. He has lectured at churches and expos. He’s been a guest on numerous radio shows,and holds 3 free conference calls/internet broadcasts a week with actual communications with the Elohim to which everyone is invited. Listeners can submit questions which he poses live on the call. Participants report of hundred of interesting content experiencing spiritual epiphanies, miracles, and personal transformations.

Please feel free to sort through our online archives of 100s of past Prophecykeepers Radio programs at


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