Coincidence? Luck? Divine Guidance? Serendipity for sure.

Miracle Tree!

Can be used as a ‘survival food’ during trying times, times of lack, food and medicine shortages, etc. It has many, many healing and nutritional properties in every part of this tree (or bush when grown in a pot on a patio).

I’ll certainly be getting one or two to grow in my yard. In the meantime, I’ll order some powder and capsules online, probably from Amazon. (If you order also, please click through my Amazon portal, being as Roy’s heart condition has caused him to not be able to work, and we can use the little commission toward our expenses.) He’ll be using this for certain, as it can remedy the inflammation he’s experiencing from the recent surgery, and this can speed up his healing. I’ll be taking it for sustained energy and stamina and continued good health.

I’ve already tried the tea made with the leaves that Joy gave me, and it is delightful. Very mild taste, reminds me of corn silk tea.

I truly think this is a gift from God, for which we’re so grateful.



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