Is working on our subconscious the only way to change?

Bruce Lipton has many good ideas.

This is a view of another perspective, one which could open doors to happy changes, first in feelings, then to changes in outer circumstances.

the biology of belief

No. You can also use mindfulness. Now mindfulness means what? Don’t let your mind think so much, because if it is not thinking, you keep it in the present moment.

But the moment you start thinking you take your mind out of the present moment and then you start playing the program.

Science has revealed that when we fall in love it is one time where we become mindful without even knowing. So when you first fall in love you don’t play those bad programs from the subconscious, because you are present. And also both partners are operating from the conscious mind, fulfilling their wishes, so they are in a state of honeymoon, and they are happy. That’s why the moment you fall in love you don’t remember how bad your life was, it turns into heaven on earth. And you say: “I don’t know how that happened.” Because it…

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