Tesla’s Alien Enhanced Genius

Tesla’s Alien Enhanced Genius
by Art Greenfield

Founder UFO Channel
Nikola Tesla’s work has an alien origin. This can be seen in Tesla’s own autobiography. From Tesla’s own words, he was obviously abducted and inadvertently given a master control implant that allowed him to mentally access the database in the alien artificial intelligence mainframe computer that was located somewhere near Vienna, Austria. That implant allowed him to do very advanced things, like crystal clear remote viewing, projecting holograms of advanced equipment that others could see, projecting images of blueprints of advanced alien equipment into the minds of people in another room, and more. Those master implants are what the aliens themselves use. The aliens probably meant to give one of their standard locator implants to Tesla during his abduction. The standard implant abductees usually receive is like a high tech GPS cow bell that helps the aliens find you when they want to re-abduct you.

Tesla’s implant enhanced mental capabilities.

In Tesla’s autobiography, he described what was going on in his mind, and the fact that he was now able to project the blueprints he saw in his mind into the mind of a person in another room. He was also able to accomplish remote viewing, even being able to fly his consciousness around to look at things near and far. He saw that he could project the images of equipment he mentally accessed in the alien database like a hologram, so that other people could see them. He said he was able to seek out the minds of other people at great distances, communicate with them, and make friends with them. These abilities are all capabilities he got from a master control implant. All of his senses were greatly enhanced. He could hear the thud of a fly landing on a table, and see things far away like through the eyes of an eagle.
The above is a short synopsis of Tesla’s enhanced senses from his autobiography. The excerpts from his work below was copied verbatim from his autobiography. It shows how Tesla really acquired the ideas and “blueprints” for his inventions, based on Tesla’s own recollections. Keep in mind here that those master control implants are normally only implanted into the Gray aliens that do abductions. It was probably put in Tesla in error. That implant performs several functions that allow the Grays to conduct their abduction operations. It acts like a modem and gives them a direct link to their ship’s computer. It allows the Grays to mentally dominate abductees through contact with the abductee’s implant, it allows mind to mind communication with the abductee by transmitting the alien’s thoughts to the abductee’s implant. That is called synthertic telepathy. The Grays can even use their control implant to render an abductee unconscious.
Below are some excerpts from Tesla’s autobiography showing how the implant functioned from Tesla’s viewpoint to aide him mentally (and unknowingly) in not only accessing technology in the alien’s data banks, but doing computer modeling to pretest the equipment before he even put it on paper and built his “inventions.” Tesla’s full autobiography is at:


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