ISIS Lists Sen. Black As ‘Enemy’

Sen. Black is a personal friend.
I can vouch for his integrity, high standards and patriotism.~ Dee Rohe

icon-pdf.gifExcerpt from ‘Dabiq’
Dabiq, the official magazine of terrorist group the Islamic State, calls Sen. Richard H. Black and Rick Santorum enemies and crusaders.

A magazine published by the Islamic State has singled out Virginia Sen. Richard H. Black (R-13) and named him an enemy of the terrorist group.

ISIS Declares Virginia Senator Black the EnemySenator Black: “I am an enemy of ISIS”


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ASHBURN, Va., April 2, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A statement from State Senator Richard Black regarding ISIS:
“On March 30th, 2015, Capitol Police notified me that the 8th Edition of ISIS’s international magazine, Dabiq[1], refers to me as ‘The Enemy’ and as ‘The American Crusader.’ Last month in the same publication, ISIS spokesman Shaykh Abu Muhammad al-Adnani called on Muslims to terrorize ‘crusaders’ in their own homes and streets.[2] Likewise, ISIS routinely praises and glorifies terrorist attacks on Western soil as the killing of ‘crusaders’ through this same publication.[3]
“It is true, I am an enemy of ISIS. The attempts by ISIS to silence freedom of speech is a grave threat to our democracy. I am alarmed by the targeting of our American soldiers and their families in our own country. I feel solidarity with the innocent Muslims and Christians who are being persecuted daily by ISIS.
“We’ve got to stop training rebels to topple the Syrian government. Many of those rebels flow directly into ISIS and Al Qaeda. If we topple Syria, within weeks Jordan and Lebanon could fall to ISIS, creating a power center for a historic offensive by terrorists againstEurope.”
In Vietnam, Dick Black flew 269 helicopter missions and was wounded in ground fighting with the 1st Marine Regiment. As a JAG lawyer, he was a career prosecutor and ran the Army’s Criminal Law Division at the Pentagon. Please direct all media inquiries to Senator Black’s campaign manager, Ryan Terrill at 202-556-1997 and ryan.
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SOURCE Senator Richard Black


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