PROPHECYKEEPERS BlogTalkRadio: Payment Declined

Dear Friends of Prophecykeepers Native American Radio and Oklevueha Native American Church,

Last night I received an email (see below) from BlogTalkRadio saying our bankcard had been declined for lack of funds for our monthly payment.

Can any of you help out this month? It takes just $40.00 to reinstate us so we can run more than three shows a month. You can help at http://NativeAmericanChurch.US

We run a new program every Sunday night, and reruns the other six nights… except this week we have been "dark" due to the Level Two National Disaster we were in the middle of… just short of a what the FEMA call a "catastrophe" such as Katrina was. Authorities say the damage here was equal to a F2 Tornado… but the damage to powerlines was not localized and was spread over several counties. Hundreds of homes still have no power here!

The Ice Storm at 4AM last Saturday knocked out power to our home — and 10,000+ others — for nearly a week, and we had to abandon our home and go to a motel and eat in restaurants — which totally drained our bank account..

I did have a battery back-up plan for powering my C-PAP, but it did not work when I needed it. So, after a couple of days trying to sleep sitting up with no power for my C-PAP (I have life threatening Central Sleep Apnea) and getting up to feed a wood stove every three hours, I was totally exhausted and having heart trouble again — I develop Congestive Heart Failure symptoms without proper sleep with mechanical C-PAP assistance.

Thanks for all you do. Creator apparently feels that our work is important.

Sometimes I have doubts because our reach is so limited and it is so hard to keep it funded. I even though of quitting not long ago, but Creator told me in a dream "If your quit I will just find someone else."



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