SIGNS-Earth Changes EVERYWHERE.Floods,Ice Storms,Earthquakes,Meteors


Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So November 2014

Some may dismiss all this a earth business as normal, they are wrong. There is a huge up tick in all kinds of extreme weather and earth extremes phenomena. We are in the crux of a shift in our planets activity and the Solar System as well. Everything is connected and any who say otherwise are just denying the obvious. 


Far North Weaver

1 week ago

+Dano Pierce
I agree Dano!
Naysayers abound, regardless of the rhetoric, it’s painfully obvious that things have changed, big time in the space of our own history. I do believe, as many others, that we’re in for the bumpiest ride in the known history of Mankind.
Wonderful thing is, not to be fearful. There are things we cannot change, this is going to run it’s course.
But Death has no sting for a Believer in Jesus Christ.

All the best, during these perilous times, and to your family as well!

Wheat kill-off in the U.S. heartland from extreme cold during November

2015-2035 Mini Ice Age – Extreme cold in the U.S. heartland where farming takes place

“I think the cold will not be the regular interval of Dalton or Maunder Minimum type cold,” says David. “I think we may be heading into a 5125-year cold cycle.”

Rare ice storm strikes Waldviertel in Austria

Rivers of Mud Sweep Through Morocco in Deadly Flooding

Buried Under Snow, Buffalo, NY, Braces for High Winds

UN agency declares emergency due to severe flooding in Gaza

Southern France recovers from the worst flooding it’s seen in years

4.7 magnitude earthquake strikes near Sedona, Arizona



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