Friends of Prophecykeepers and Oklevueha Native American Church,

Once again, the deadline has arrived and we still need support for Prophecykeepers/Oklevueha Native American Church Radio to keep it on-the-air in November.

Today is the 28th, our monthly billing deadline, and we have not met our monthly requirements to stay on the air. Please take a moment NOW and make an offering at

Just want to let ya’ll know this is YOUR program and if YOU have any suggestions, let me know. We just crossed 100,000 "listens" not long ago… that translates to 3,800 listens a month… 125 listens a day over twenty-six months!

Long story made short, I got a call last week from Mack Boogaloo, our DJ friend near Chicago who is developing The Generation Z version of Prophecykeepers he has dubbed "ProphecykeeperZ."

Mack said that Zuni elder Clifford Mahoody will be joining us on next Sunday Evening November 30th at 5PM Pacific, 6PM Mountain, 7PM Central and 8PM Eastern. Clifford is a HEAVY duty elder… industrial strength! I am very excited to have him join The White Roots of Peace Council, founded by Mad Bear Anderson.

We ain’t-a-boot-ta let things things slow down here on Oklevueha Radio. The only thing that can put a cramp in our style is lack of funds to operate. Help out at SUPPORT PROPHECYKEEPERS RADIO: Prophetic Native Voices Crying In The Wilderness – A Ministry of Oklevueha Native American Church of the White Roots of Peace – Home

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From the moment I had my first Mayan Birth Reading I KNEW this spiritual tool was a way (without violating free agency or "The Prime Directive") to discern what Creator intended for me as a glimpse into my destiny and life’s purpose. It was a way to ENCOURAGE me to continue on my spiritual path. I knew that because the reading I received from Three Eagles verified the spiritual "directions" I had received from "the still small voice" and many of the other experiences and "leadings" of the spirit that I had been gifted with during the previous 30 years or so.

So what was the Rabbi’s experience with Mayan Birth Readings?

Rabbi Shalomim Halahawi – "A Different Kind of Rabbi" and a Cherokee Descendant


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