Monsanto…at it again?

Monsanto…at it again?


Did you hear about the Monsanto Protection Act, that was passed in March of 2013?
You missed it, you need to watch this.
It essentially gave Monsanto the ability to continue producing and selling GMO food products to consumers. EVEN IF research finds out that those foods are dangerous.
Basically Monsanto has flat out said they don’t care about you.
But they produce most of our fruits and vegetables… so what can we do?
Check out this short video NOW and hit Monsanto where it hurts.
Yours in Liberty…
Ronald Rayburn
Absolute Rights
P.S. Monsanto doesn’t care about you… and neither does Obama (he signed the protection act in the first place). The Monsanto Protection act may have come in gone, but the door has been opened and it’s now a Pandora’s box waiting to happen.
Protect yourself now.

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