Weird Sun?


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I had forgotten to tell you all about our sun. We’ve been distracted by grief over losing Chris. But we watch and mark our windows with an eyeliner pencil. 5 days ago, our sunrise jumped from left window #1 to right window #3. In one day. Our rise is not in the same place any more.

Our Sun is now getting Weirder by the minute. or @NewThor on Twitter The Sun has been on Super Freak Out Double Peaked minimal Solar Maximum since October 25th 2014. A…

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  • Ron Pritchett Heard that too Richard.
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  • Richard ‘Broomie’ Broome ive been told the sun will expand to the orbit of Mercury…with Nibiru riseing between us and venus…protecting earth from being toasted..this has happend b4 in ancient times..
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  • Ron Pritchett Still got a while before Nibiru gets here, but the debris field is what concerns me. Big Ass rocks, just as well be Nibiru. We are flying head long into a spiral arm of the Galaxy. We have been in between them for thousands of years so we have Big Ass Rocks coming from many directions.Energy waves coming at us too from the center. Going to be one hell’va ride.
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