Final Expenses for Rev. George Pennicuff, Prophet

His widow is left with $30,000 in hospital bills, according to the request.

I also found this in my search for Rev. Pennicuff

Prophecy for 2014 george pennicuff

Obama the Lame duck President is anything but Lame he is cunning-devious beyond words the evil that he will bring upon the US will be the most terrible price to pay for the people who followed him

Obama: Last President of America Prophecy

There will be no more presidents of the United States of America as we know it.

It has been pointed out that Israel and Judah had 44 successions to king. America has had 44 presidents. Consider that, if history repeats itself, how much time does America have? Note that I include David twice. David’s reign was interrupted by the coup of Absalom. Likewise, the American presidency has had a president who served non-consecutive terms as the chief executive.
I know of several Americans who received visions & dreams in which a warning of a last American President is given. I relate my own dream one of the videos below.
The others’ dreams are:
J.R. Nyquist said: “In closing, I will outrage the skeptics further by mentioning a dream I experienced 23 years ago. In the dream I saw the future presidents of the United States. Their portraits were lined side by side from left to right. The first in order was Ronald Reagan who had just been elected. The second was George H. W. Bush. The next two faces I did not recognize. An old man was present in the dream and I turned to him. Where are the others? I asked, wanting to see the rest of the future presidents. There are no others, he replied. After these the Republic ends.”
(Note from MfM: The last leader of Judah was a puppet emplaced by the king of Babylon. The dream of J.R. Nyquist showed only two presidents after George Bush, Sr. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush filled those slots. The evidence that Obama is not an official president is overwhelming.)
Visions of C. Alan Martin (It took a few decades of dreams to teach him this:)
Link to Martin’s dream with a sketch.
If you are not right with the Lord, you do not have time to spare! Seek the Lord immediately.
Update on Nov 24th: The link to the C. Alan Martin link is now dead. That page had been available for at least 3 years since I first found it. Update July 31, 2011: I’ve corrected the above link to provide the archived version provided by Alex in the comments.
Here is another link to the C. Alan Martin dreams, which correctly foresaw 10 presidents:

President Obama Would Get 3 Terms Under Pending House Resolution is Obama: THE Last President of America :Prophecy near Fulfilment

Then from Tru News:
“Adding weight to Rev. Pennicuff’s prophetic warning was his statement that God told him he would not be alive to see these things start happening in November 2014. Rev. Pennicuff went home to the Lord on June 20, 2014. Therefore, when delivered the prophetic warning on November 30, 2013, he also prophesied his own death. His passing is like the Lord underlining every word in the prophecy.

Rev. Pennicuff warned that Barack Obama will bring down persecution on American Christians “with the force of a thunderbolt.” When I heard him say it, my first reaction was that he misspoke and meant to say “lightning bolt.” Upon reflection, I no longer think he misspoke. The Lord told him to say “thunderbolt.”

What is the definition of a thunderbolt?

A thunderbolt is “a person or thing that resembles lightning in suddenness, effectiveness, or destructive power.”

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