UN Base to Deliver Anti-Christ, Open Gates of Hell?

Get Ready–Holy Land Portal of Hell Is About To Open. United Nations Base on Mt. Hermon, To Deliver the Antichrist

The Encyclopedia Britannica records that Hermon means “Forbidden Place.”A 4th-century translator of the Latin Vulgate, Jerome, interpreted Hermon as “anathema.” Mount Hermon was the port of entry for a group of evil angels, who corrupted the human race in the days of Noah, known as the ‘Fallen Angels’.

Mount Hermon, biblically, historically, and even today in our present age is a place of spiritual importance. The very place where the rebellious fallen angels fell when they were cast from the presence of God, and the exact location where Jesus Christ proclaimed Himself as the Messiah through the mouths of His own disciples. This is very significant in that He was making this proclamation in the face of the enemy—in the very place of Satanic evil—at the base of Mount Hermon near the statue of Pan (the Grotto of Pan—which represented Satan).

United Nations base appears to be built on the summit of Mt. Hermon.
Are they waiting for someone?

Why does the UN even need a base on top of the highest mountain between Syria and Lebanon?

See Videos:


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