Once again, the deadline approaches TOMORROW and we still need support for Prophecykeepers/Oklevueha Native American Church Radio to keep it on-the-air in November.

Tomorrow is the 28th, our monthly billing deadline, and we have not met our monthly requirements to stay on the air. Please take a moment NOW and make an offering at Believe it or not, only one or two listeners help each month.

My wife and I have been footing most of the bills for this program for many years, and we need help!

My wife is verryyy slowly regaining bladder control after quintuple surgery (Vaginal Hysterectomy, Rectocele, Cystocele, Enterocele, and Pubovaginal Sling) on August 18th, but we still have ongoing expenses of over $120.00 a month (that we weren’t warned about before the surgery) in uncovered-by-Medicare expenses for TENA incontinence supplies, and she will need them until she regains bladder function – IF she ever does… SO PLEASE help out if you can at

COMING UP – Tomorrow Sunday October 26th, James Arthur Jancik, The Black Night of Terrestrial Talk Radio out of Chicago joins us for a simulcast. James has a couple weekly (Biohazards, Politics, etc) reports to do in the first hour and after that we will talk… maybe Mark The Badger Borcherding will do some Mayan Birth Readings for call-in listeners!

COMING UP – Sunday November 2nd, I got a surprise call from PropheckeeperZ (Prophecykeers for Generation Z) empresario Mack Boogaloo a couple of weeks ago… he arranged for renowned Cannabis activist NJWeedman to join Oklevueha Native American Church founder James W. Flaming Eagle Mooney to join YOU with your questions on Sunday November 2nd!

After that, Mack Boogaloo and I have other guests that we will be firming up dates for, like Zuni elder and UFO experiencer Clifford Mahoody and motivational speaker Abe Walkingbear of The Turtle Tribe in Canon City, Colorado. Mark Badger Borcherding, Mack and I promise to keep the fires lit for you!

From the moment I had my first Mayan Birth Reading I KNEW this spiritual tool was a way (without violating free agency or "The Prime Directive") to discern what Creator intended for me as a glimpse into my destiny and life’s purpose. It was a way to ENCOURAGE me to continue on my spiritual path. I knew that because the reading I received from Three Eagles verified the spiritual "directions" I had received from "the still small voice" and many of the other experiences and "leadings" of the spirit that I had been gifted with during the previous 30 years or so.

So what was the Rabbi’s experience with Mayan Birth Readings?

Rabbi Shalomim Halahawi – "A Different Kind of Rabbi" and a Cherokee Descendant


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