INSANE-U.S. National Guard to Ebola Africa

Not only has Obama sent (is sending) more than 4,000 United States military personnel to Ebola Africa (how many will come back with Ebola and/or die there?) but he has just penned an Executive Order to call up National Guard to be sent to Africa where Ebola is raging.
While he fought ‘tooth and nail’ to keep National Guard from protecting our southern border here in America, apparently he has no problem sending them off to Africa…

So, let me get this straight – to protect the American people, he won’t stop people from entering the United States from Ebola infected African countries (unlike countless other nations who have banned flights-passengers from these same countries to help keep the Ebola virus out), instead he will send National Guard (regular folks who put in one weekend a month who have regular jobs) to risk their lives for these same African countries?

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And remember this?

Friday, August 01, 2014

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