R.I. Journalist with Ebola-his Insurance Doesn’t Cover it!

Friends Raising Money for Rhode Island Journalist with Ebola


“Ashoka contracted Ebola while covering the outbreak of the disease in Liberia. It is unclear exactly how he became infected but he believes it may have been while helping sanitize a car in which someone had died. Ashoka self-quarantined after feeling weak and achy, and a short time later tested positive for the Ebola virus at a treatment center run by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Monrovia. Ashoka received care in Monrovia until he was transported back to the United States on Sunday, October 5th. He is now recieving world class care at the University of Nebraska Medical Center

We are reaching out to help cover the enormous projected cost of Ashoka’s medical care, and to allow for his family to aid in, and properly support him during his recovery. It is anticipated at this time that Ashoka’s medical expenses and family support will exceed $500,000. We are very grateful to the US government and the doctors, nurses and support staff who have provided Ashoka with such excellent care. We have every reason to believe that Ashoka will make a full recovery and return to his great work helping those around the world.”

Read his parents’ latest update on him. He is getting better!

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