ALERT: Liberians Already Entering U.S. South Borders, Likely Bringing Ebola

WARNING- Ebola may Enter U.S. Southern Border

The head of the United States military’s Southern Command issued a chilling warning this week. This from this morning’s KeyNoter, the Florida Keys insert in the Miami Herald.

“If it breaks out, it’s literally ‘Katie bar the door,’ ” Marine Corps Gen. John F. Kelly told an audience at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C., Tuesday. “And there will be mass migration into the United States.”
The general also said that most countries in the Western Hemisphere do not have the ability to deal with an Ebola outbreak.

….warned also that criminal networks that smuggle people into the U.S. may bring people in carrying Ebola. He told the audience of a recent visit to the border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua with U.S. embassy personnel. At the time, there were a group of men who “were waiting in line to pass into Nicaragua and then on their way north.”
“The embassy person walked over and asked who they were and they told him they were from Liberia and they had been on the road about two weeks,” Kelly said. “They met up with the network in Trinidad and now they were on their way to the United States — illegally, of course.”
The men, Kelly said, “could have made it to New York City and still be within the incubation period for Ebola.”
~End Excerpts

Most of these people are not being screened before being released across the country.

America is facing a health crisis of unparalleled proportions. We could be weeks away from an outbreak of several pandemics on our southern border which will lead to the United Nations emerging as a legitimized police force operating within the territorial boundaries of the United States, ostensibly here to meet the crisis.~ Dave Hodges, Investment Watch

Be prepared, here they come.. Liberians are already entering our southern borders illegally!

Full article, Video:

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