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Willy is 79 years old, and knows many of the old Cherokee stories.

Willy says, "The reason I wrote the survival book was to save a kid’s life. Because I know of 28 kids that went out into the desert and mountains and never came back. This book is now into it’s 7th printing. From my Cherokee hertitage I use old Cherokee ways in hopes to save a kids life. I was made honorary Chief of the Black Creek band of Cherokees."

Let’s face it, pretty much everyone wants to know "Why was I born?" "What is my destiny?" Sadly, few resources have been able to answer this question until recently.

Back in August 2007 (after I was widowed a second time upon the death of my second wife Betty who had been told by spirit ‘Now is the time for your husband to rise and shine") I was introduced to Mayan Birth Readings by my close friend Chief Robert Three Eagles who learned about this "spiritual technology" from Mayan Priest Carlos Barrios, who literally "wrote the book" on the subject.

From the moment I had my first Mayan Birth Reading I KNEW this spiritual tool was a way (without violating free agency or "The Prime Directive") to discern what Creator intended for me as a glimpse into my destiny and life’s purpose. It was a way to ENCOURAGE me to continue on my spiritual path. I knew that because the reading I received from Three Eagles verified the spiritual "directions" I had received from "the still small voice" and many of the other experiences and "leadings" of the spirit that I had been gifted with during the previous 30 years or so.

So what was the Rabbi’s experience with Mayan Birth Readings?

Rabbi Shalomim Halahawi – "A Different Kind of Rabbi" and a Cherokee Descendant

Rabbi Shalomim Halahawi – "A Different Kind of Rabbi" a… Part One… Read more about Rabbi Shalomim HaLahawi at "I have done what no other Rabbi since Medieval times wa…
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After Rabbi Shalomim poured out his heart telling his amazing life story which you NEED to hear, Rabbi Shalomim Halahawi said something I never (given my past experiences, even with Rabbis I dearly love and am close to) expected a Rabbi to say… that the Mayan Birth Reading he was given at the beginning of our interview was completely accurate!

Now, thanks to the good offices of Hopi confidante Mark "Badger" Borcherding, you can receive a private Mayan Birth Reading for an offering of $20.00 to help us keep Prophecykeepers Radio on the air.

Prophecykeepers now faces even more challenges because of new health challenges. Blueotter’s wife Linda now has ANOTHER $150.00 a month of expenses for incontinence supplies NOT covered by Medicare (unless you are in a nursing home) after he recent bladder surgery to add to our current financial burden. Prophecykeepers Radio was already becoming a burden on Blueotter and his wife, who have have been paying most of the bills for the program for a long time, barely limping along with offerings of a few dollars a month and already getting ready to think about "throwing in the towel."

So, now, here is your chance to both GIVE and to RECEIVE at the same time. It’s up to you.

To receive your Mayan Birth Reading, please make a minimum offering of $20.00 at SUPPORT PROPHECYKEEPERS RADIO: Prophetic Native Voices Crying In The Wilderness – A Ministry of Oklevueha Native American Church of the White Roots of Peace – Home

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