MH17 Crash; Flying through conflict zones unavoidable-aviation experts.


The United States believes a surface-to-air missile brought the Boeing 777 down over territory held by pro-Russian separatists but hasn’t indicated who’s responsible — though both sides in the ongoing civil conflict in Ukraine blame each other.

There’s that 777 again!

MH17 shot down amid political chaos

This weapon could take down an airliner
“Was this an accident waiting to happen for any airliner flying over that part of the Ukraine — and there were plenty of them?” asked CNN aviation expert Richard Quest.
“Although there had been restrictions over Crimea, in this part of Ukraine there are no restrictions. The space between the ground and 32,000 feet had been closed by the Ukrainians. Above 32,000 feet it was open. This plane was not doing anything wrong being where it was.
“We can argue whether restrictions should have been in place with everything going on there, but when that pilot

WASHINGTON – While commercial airlines would re-route a flight to avoid flying through a war zone, passing through some areas of conflict is almost unavoidable, say aviation experts in the United States.

Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was on a “regular flight path for a flight between Europe and Asia” says aviation analyst from the Teal Group Richard Aboulafia. “Nobody would have expected this.”


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