Shooting Spree – Las Vegas – Developing…

Crazies strike in Las Vegas — June 8 , 2014 — Two Las Vegas police officers and a civilian have been reportedly killed in a shooting spree that started at a pizza restaurant and spilled over to a neighboring Walmart store. Two suspects – a man and a woman – are reportedly down. The two shooters have committed suicide, according to police. Suspects told shoppers they were part of a “revolution” and wanted a shootout with Metro police force – and had a “suicide pact.” Their bodies were found in the back of the store……..
News video: At Least Five People Dead In Las Vegas Shooting

Looks like the civilian at the Walmart who engaged and wounded one of the shooters might have saved a few lives today ! What if he hadn’t had a gun? Will this fact be suppressed by the thought police?

Bad weekend for Walmart also considering the crash involving Tracy Morgan et all occurred this weekend …..
Three killed, suspects commit suicide after Las Vegas shooting spree Published time: June 08, 2014 20:15 Edited time: June 08, 2014 21:54 Get short URL Photo from user ‏@reviewjournal Share on tumblr Two Las Vegas police officers and a civilian …

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