Update: PLANET INBOUND TOWARD EARTH-Professor reveals Coordinates

According to TRN sources, Dr. Kaplan was grabbed-up at the observatory by authorities for what he was doing and forced under duress to make another video retracting this material, allegedly because it was a “joke.”

If there’s nothing there, why was the observatory looking at it and tracking it? (an inconvenient truth.) Here’s a screen shot of the tracking computer close-up, showing the day, date and time as well as, in yellow highlights, the actual planet coordinates: (Click Image twice to enlarge)

Further, this graduate student, by his own admission in the video, claims to have “hacked” into the NASA Goddard Space Flight Computers to get the “Closely guarded secret” of this planet’s coordinates. Publicly admitting to hacking government computers, which may have been a crime, is newsworthy.

Such conduct by a Graduate Student using multimillion dollar facilities to intentionally alert the public about a “danger” to the planet, then claim it was a “joke” is also newsworthy. As such, TRN made use of the video, only in part, for non-profit news purposes, which falls under the Fair Use Exemption of US Copyright Law 17 USC 107.

Who targeting.pngwould want it retracted and why? Well, if people think they’re doomed, they may stop paying their taxes and their bills; there may be widespread panic and a breakdown of social order to the point of chaos. The powers that be can’t have any of THAT, can they?

See more in Article and videos:


PS. Why are earthquakes, volcanic activity, climate changes increasing?
Is the periodic planet returning?

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