FEMA and Homeland Security WARNING -“Drop and Cover”


“Drop And Cover If You See A Bright Flash,” Doctors Urge

PR Newswire January 10, 2014 8:57 AM

Excerpts from the Comments in Facebook ~

JT: Yes, but the real deal is……….we have an accumulation of evidence of these incoming rocks, as well as FEMA already up and running there.and nasa’s red X, back when. We have to take these seriously.

SL: Did you read the Yahoo article? It almost seems like an article with no real point. Do you think it was a warning but not meant to be interpreted that way by everyone? Very odd article on Yahoo. Almost like rambling if you ask me.
Yesterday at 11:35am ·

DB: WTH!! Seriously? Where did this come from?
23 hours ago

JT: My friend, who has family in the navy. they were sent this this morning………
23 hours ago ·

JT: It came privately with aPOST THIS,JT!” message………..so I did.
23 hours ago

Bright Lights are already being seen! See:


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