Comets and Earth Changes

The ancients recorded earth changes associated with comets. Our planet and our solar system have had a catastrophic past! The cycle may be about to repeat itself!!


Fig. 2. Valles Marineris – The scar on Mars

Thunderbolts Between Planets.

The myths of many of the ancients tell of violent thunderbolt interaction between the gods. Of course we see lightning on earth today, but never “thunderbolts” that streak between planets. What could have caused these violent interactions long ago?

When the Ancients saw the huge comet attach electrically to Mars and remove its atmosphere, they saw a huge snake-like filament … spoken of by the Ancients.


The severity of all of these possible effects would depend on how close the comet came to Earth, and there is no way to predict exactly what effects will occur.

This is just a list of possible direct effects.


Video, article, pictures:

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