“I’m ObamaCare” videos are back

On Tuesday, November 12, 2013 4:56 PM, Kirsten Kukowski <ecampaign@gop.com> wrote:

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The first series of RNC’s “I’m ObamaCare” online videos were such a hit — we decided to make a sequel.
Since the ObamaCare website launched over a month ago, it’s been an unmitigated disaster.
Featuring the characters “Private Sector” and “ObamaCare,” the videos depict the real situations Americans are facing because of ObamaCare.
Millions of Americans are finding out that President Obama lied when he said they could keep the health plans and doctors they liked.
Only after being caught red-handed has the Obama Administration been forced to admit the truth about ObamaCare — but they still refuse to accept responsibility.
During a recent Congressional hearing, HHS Secretary Sebelius dismissed pointed questions about accountability with the response: “whatever.” She doesn’t think she works for the American taxpayers or owes us an explanation.
If that wasn’t bad enough, many married couples are realizing they’ll be penalized under ObamaCare and will have to pay more for insurance in the exchanges than unmarried couples.
Although these “I’m ObamaCare” videos are fun, there is nothing fun about the impact of ObamaCare.
Check out and share the latest “I’m ObamaCare” videos.
Kirsten Kukowski

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