Starbucks Tremor

Being that the shutdown may also have shut down the reports of earthquakes in the U.S. (how convenient), it’s great that we get the word first hand from others! Even better, actually!

OCTOBER 6, 2013
On Saturday evening, while doing some spiritual mapping of a Starbucks in the Palm Springs area, I was jolted to alertness by a 4.2 earthquake (which was epicentered in Joshua Tree, 40 miles from my location). At first, I thought that the barista had put too many shots of expresso in my coffee, but when I saw other custumor’s coffees jumping off the tables, I realized that an earthquake was taking place. The quake was followed by another tremor early this morning in San Bernadino County, magnitude 3.6 (at a very shallow depth of 0.6 miles…note that small earthquake at shallow depth can still do large damage, such as our 4.2 quake in the Phililppines several years ago which knocked out power for over a week.). I am preparing to depart the United States within 48 hours, and will be arriving in Asia on the prophetically significant date of 10/10 (more prophetic data to follow)…
Timothy Snodgrass

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