NPC Comet ISON a Danger to Earth? “Kill Shot”?

It’s not necessary to have the Blue and Red Kachina’s within our Solar System for the Hopi prophecy to be correct.
They have already been seen, which is what the prophecy said, ‘seen’, according to Nighthawk.

Comet Neat, the ‘Blue Kachina’, and the Red Dwarf, the ‘Red Kachina’ were seen with the aid of telescopes.

Ed Dames can be wrong numerous times, I bet. He’s only a trained ‘remote viewer’. He was trained by the government
for spying purposes, but he’s not an inspired holy man, shaman, apparitionist, or religious mystic who would usually be giving ‘warnings’,
of what could happen if mankind doesn’t change its ways.

And also warnings for us to prepare ourselves for holy spiritual and healthy physical reasons, in case the worst does happen.

And I’m gonna go make myself a pot of tea right now!



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