Strange Sky Sounds Maborsk, Poland, Sep 14, 2013

Top comments on the Video in YouTube:

  • Jonathan Cifuentes 2 hours ago
    where im living is the same sound. O.o , I’m from Chile,Santiago.

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  • TheChange1961TheChange1961 8 hours ago
    Except Ukraina, almost all reports, evidences and footages are from catholic or protestant countries. Other parts of the world are pretty much out of any interest when these warnings are all about…(complete outsiders)…

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  • PutYHWH1stPutYHWH1st 18 hours ago
    I guess it is not someone blowing a Shofar for the feast of Trumpets(Yom Teruah)?

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  • Dizy WDizy W 19 hours ago
    These sounds are being heard ALL OVER THE WORLD NOW 🙂 they’ve been in the air in different places, countries, and continents for more than a year at least 🙂 thanks do much for posting!!!

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  • sillysideburnsillysideburn 20 hours ago
    that exact same sound was happening here at sunrise this morning it lasted until about 8.00 am. don’t know where it was coming from, it was so hard to tell. Thx for sharing this

See video and hear the strange sounds:

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