Canary Islands, El Hierro Volcano Waking up, Increasing

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Seismic unrest at El Hierro Island (Canary Islands) in 2011-13: updates
Earthquakes increasing in frequency and magnitude

Update Sat 23 Mar 22:44

Current tremor signal (IGN)
Current tremor signal (IGN)
Depth vs time of today's quakes under El Hierro
Depth vs time of today’s quakes under El Hierro

The seismic swarm continues with even increasing intensity, as to both the average magnitude and frequency of earthquakes, as well as amplitude of harmonic volcanic tremor which is oscillating between higher and lower phases. This might correspond to some sort of “stop and go” behavior of magma moving its way through new cracks in the lower crust beneath the island. The location of the epicenters of quakes, the presumed location of the current magma intrusions, is now about 5 km NW of the western tip of the island, and at depths between 10-17 km. No strong upwards trend is yet visible, but this could change quickly.
Today’s earthquake count so far:
– 155 earthquakes > mag 2
– including 15 between M3-3.5
Earthquakes continue with increasing magnitudes

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