The source provided these names of those killed at Fordow:
  • Five from a research team of the Center for Defensive Studies of the Jame Imam Hossein University of Tehran: Mohammad Rosham Entezar, Samad Doorbash, Jalal Namdar, Abdolreza Samadi and Mehdi Sufiaei.
  • Three from the Center for Research and Nuclear Support of Imam Hossein University in Tehran: Ali Ebadi, Majid Fakhri and Mehdi Jasoor.
  • Two from Physics University of Isfahan: Ahmad Abdolahipour and Alireza Parhizkar.
  • One from the University of Tabriz, Faculty of Physics: Hassan Soltan Nejad.
  • Three from Sharif University of Technology – The Center for Research of Physics: Faramarz Naghsh Ara, Hamid Boroostani and Saeid Fazeli.
  • One North Korean from the Atomic Research Center of Yongbyon: Chin-Hae Kang-Jun
WND will attempt to contact the families of the named deceased to further verify the report, although initial feedback verifies that the immediate families of the deceased are being monitored by Iranian regime security forces. WND


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