Global Rumblings: Joe S. – Asteriod close call . . .Says Who?

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Lilleen Dee Rohe‘s insight:

Doug says: I know the odds are against an earth strike and major damage but maybe that’s just what we need. A wake up call to say, "hey, idiots. Instead of killing each other to no end, maybe it’s time to realize that this is all we have…each other. And at any given time and place it can all go boom and it won’t matter how much money, power or weapons you possess it will mean nothing. So let’s show our greatest strength by embracing our humanity and living for the betterment of mankind instead of its demise or control. The universe is far too great for us to be alone. After looking at our history is it any wonder why they haven’t contacted us? Now suppose we currently ARE the elder race, a pity we strive to be animals instead of humans. We have it in our possession to be the best of life forms…why not try?

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