Global Rumblings: Signs of Times-Doctors kill Belgian identical twins

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Lilleen Dee Rohe‘s insight:

Self-pitying twins opt to have a doctor kill them.  And their family let them! 
Imagine if HELEN KELLER, blind and deaf, had been euthanized. The world would have been a poorer place without her; she contributed so much.  We could learn a lot from her!

This review is from: The World I Live In (New York Review Books Classics) (Paperback)

What beautiful writing! It’s pointed out in the intro that, more than most of us, her world was shaped with WORDS.

The fact that she grew to fully embrace her intelligence, her world and her potential . . . wow. I know so many people who are content to just do the bare minimum, to not stretch their limits at all, to not show any intellectual curiosity . . . she had the perfect excuse to exert the least effort, yet she didn’t. Once she was given the key, the entree to humanity, she didn’t let her handicaps stop her. I love that even all these years later, she is still able to share that.


I’ve only read about four essays so far, and am profoundly touched. I’ve always admired Helen Keller, but am newly re-impressed with her wisdom and vision, and touched that she can write so clearly as to make me feel how little she felt limited by her handicap. If Helen Keller had simply learned to behave and ask politely for her food, etc, it would have been an impressive accomplishment.

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